This week I have seriously indulged. It was fantastic, but the diet starts tomorrow!

One indulgent discovery was a milkshake at somewhere called Buns Bar in Chelsea. I will certainly go back, as I also saw their burgers and fries (what the Americans call Chips) and they looked delicious!

Now when I say milkshake, I really mean a MONSTER milkshake, as it took THREE people to actually finish it.

Buns Bar offer four milkshakes. Killa Vanilla, Death By Chocolate, Gimmie S’more and Bunzolini. We went for Gimmie S’more. Which had s’more themed toppings, but was a vanilla milkshake. milkshake.jpg

Now look at that. The glass is covered in a cinnamon butter icing, fruit loops and an Oreo. Served on a plate dusted with other delicious treats. Topped with two s’mores, whipped cream and sprinkles.


It really was a treat and I am so glad we were able to try it!

However I do wish there had been more options, as an Oreo Milkshake… I could have finished six of those!!


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